About the Bike Learning Center at Skibowl

Skibowl Bike Learning Center is a collaboration of organizations that are passionate about mountain biking. Skibowl Properties, Olympic Ski & Snowboard School and Hurricane Racing have all come together to promote downhill mountain biking through education. The Academy instructors are taught by Simon Lawton, founder of Fluidride; one of the world’s most respected mountain bike instructors. Our bikes are of the highest quality full suspension on the market. Our full suspension kids bikes, provided by Lil Shredder, come in all sizes for kids aged 5 to 15 and we are pleased to carry a full line of Diamond Bike full suspension men’s and women’s bikes.

Located at historic Skibowl on Mt. Hood just outside the Village of Government Camp, Oregon, the Bike Learning Center (BLC) is the only Bike Park-specific learning center in the Pacific Northwest. Our private instruction allows for one-on-one mountain bike training whether at our skills center or on the 20+ miles of trails on Mt. Hood—all of which are accessible by lift or shuttle bus. The BLC Experience takes place on the largest free ride zone in the country.

Our instructors undergo constant mountain bike training by riding together on team days to discuss new techniques and practice our what’s-working philosophy. All trained by world renowned instructor Simon Lawton, Founder of Fluidride.

Regardless of age, experience, gender or level of proficiency, the BLC offers top-level terrain-specific instruction. We also have the only carpet lift bike-assist conveyor in the nation. This helps keep legs fresh while focusing on learning how to ride.


Kevin McCarthy
Kevin has been riding bikes on dirt for over 35 years. He’s raced both downhill bikes and road bikes. Kevin spent 3 years as a bike messenger, is a UBI certified bicycle mechanic and a Fluidride certified coach. In addition to his riding and technical experience with bikes, Kevin has spent over 10 yearsbuilding cross country and downhill mountain bike trails.

“Bicycling has always been a hugely important aspect of my life and has provided endless hrs of enjoyment and freedom. I hope to pass my knowledge of bicycling on so others can have the same experiences safely and efficiently.”

Elaine Bothe
Bring on the gnar! Instructor Elaine Bothe of Portland, Oregon loves dirt, rocks, mud, corners, steeps, drops, air time and going fast — uphill and especially down. As a serious racer and passionate coach in mountain biking and cyclocross, her enthusiasm and skills-teaching experience builds confidence in her clients, helping them establish and meet goals for their skills, fitness or racing.

Elaine bolstered her natural teaching instincts with an International Mountain Bike Instructor Level 2 Certification as well as certification in Simon Lawton’s FLUIDRIDE Instructor Training (FIT) Level 2. Building fitness and strength alongside technical confidence, step by step, is Elaine’s approach for both racers and people who just want to enjoy the ride. She instills solid skills basics such as balance, body position and speed control as second nature in her clients. Aspects such as logs, muddy traverses, rock gardens, drops, cyclocross barriers, punchy hills, jumps, gaps, high speed corners, berms and tight switchbacks become fun playgrounds rather than scary obstacles.

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