Bike Park FAQ

Which lesson should I take?

We recommend starting with a First-Timer lesson. This will allows us to make sure your balance, pedal position, body position and eye discipline are all correct. Think of it as a refresher if you haven’t ridden in a while or never received professional instruction before. Being in a group environment allows you to watch us instruct others which is a great way to learn.

Intermediate lessons are for folks who ride regularly, have miles of trail experience and normally have their own dual-suspension bike. The Academy is located within a progressive drop zone at the base of the mountain and our goal with intermediate lessons is to spend a portion of the lesson on the lifts.

What is the skills park like?

The skills park is designed so that an 8-year-old on a strider bike can get safely down the course and have fun. There are five progressive lines within the skills park arena along with a flat area with wood balance features. So, riders of any level will enjoy learning and riding on the gentle flow sections, the north shore boards in the woods or the jump rock section located at the top of track 2.

What is the weather like?

It’s Oregon at 4,000 feet so the weather changes throughout the day. Mt. Hood is known to have more sunny days than down range, so plan on dressing for sunshine but bring along rain gear and a layer in case the sun drops behind the horizon.

Do you have bikes, pads, etc.?

Yes. Just bring riding gear and a good pair of comfortable sneakers / outdoor shoes. We will outfit you with the right bike, pads, helmet and gloves.

Can I bring my bike?

Yes. And you are always welcome to demo ours during your lesson at no additional charge.

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